The Game

Bermuda Island Games brings you the first in a Series of Educational Games about Bermuda's History!

  • Sail across the Atlantic as the Admiral of the fleet during the Age of Discovery
  • Speak with other characters to learn more about what life was like in the 17th century
  • Relive the classic story about how the Sea Venture crashed into Bermuda during a hurricane
  • Learn skills about sailing, survival, and making decisions that can save the lives of the crew

Learn The History

Playing the game teaches you facts such as:

What year did the Sea Venture set sail to go to Virginia?


What was the name of the expedition to bring food/passengers on the Sea Venture?

The Third Supply

How many ships, including the Sea Venture were part of the voyage?

9: Sea Venture, Unity, Lion, Blessing, Swallow, Falcon, Diamond, Virginia, and Ketch

Who was the deputy Governor who sailed with Sir George Somers?

Sir Thomas Gates

Who was England primarily trying to compete with for power in the early 17th century?


Were there any Native Americans on board the Sea Venture?

Yes 2 Native Americans from the Powhatan Tribe

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