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In making the game there were a number of sources of information that we had to use to make sure the game matches the facts.

Non-Fiction Books about the Sea Venture:

"Bermuda Five Centuries" Rosemary Jobes, 2004
"True Reportory of the Wrack, and the Redemption of Sir Thomas Gates Knight" William Strachey, 1610
"A Discovery of the Bermudas" Sylvester Jourdain, 1610

Fiction Books about the Sea Venture:

"Dark Enough to see the stars in a Jamestown Sky" Connie Lapallo, 2006
"Tempest" Sue Wright, 2019

Non-Fiction Videos about the Sea Venture:

"Downing's Wreck - The story of the Sea Venture" LookBermuda, 2013
"William Strachey" BermudaByWays, 2010
"The Story of the Sea Venture" Jamestown Settlement, 2008

Fiction Videos about the Sea Venture:

"The Tempest" Compass Productions, 1960
"The Tempest" Boyds Company, 1979

Fiction Videos related to that time period:

"Pocahontas" Disney, 1995
"Frontier" Take the Shot, 2016
"The New World" NewlineCinema, 2005
"Black Sails" Film Afrika Worldwide, 2014
"Cutthroat Island" Beckner/Gorman Productions, 1995
"The Pirates of Penzance" Universal Pictures, 1983
"Upstart Crow" BBC Comedy, 2016
"Captain Blood" Warner Bros, 1935
"The Black Swan" Twentieth Century Fox, 1942
"To The Ends of the Earth" BBC, 2005

Subject Matter Expert Testimonial:

George Cook
Jerry Correia
Milton Hill

Reference Images

Here are some of the images from the time period that the characters and scenes were based on.

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